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Privacy Statement

When you order a photograph at Wanderwall, you want your personal information to be kept personal. And so do we. That’s why we save your information on a secured server. But to make sure your order process will be smooth, we have to have some information from you. In this Privacy Statement you can read what we do with your data.

This is the information we save:

  • Name: we would like to know your name, so we can address you properly
  • Address: to be sure we send your order as quick as possible to the right address
  • Phone number: in case there’s something we have to discuss with you about your order
  • Payment details: we use a secured payment system (Mollie) and your bank details are saved in our administration to connect your payment with your order
  • E-mail address: you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your purchase. In case you have subscribed to our newsletter, you will also receive our newsletter. If you don’t want to receive our newsletter anymore, you can unsubscribe.
What we do with your personal information:
  • At first and most important, we don’t unnecessarily share it with others!
  • Name and address: to make sure your purchase is delivered properly we share it with our delivery partner. They only use it to deliver your product.
  • Account: you can manage your personal information in your account at Wanderwall. Having an account at Wanderwall is easy in case you order several times at Wanderwall. It saves you time to fill in your personal information. In your account you can also see your former purchases, manage your newsletter subscription and have a look at your reviews.
  • Reviews: you can help other customers by telling what you think about Wanderwall and its products. We manage your reviews and place them on the product page. You can see your reviews in your account.
  • Marketing: based on your purchase history we can optimize our offers for you. So that we bring the kind of photography you will probably like at your attention.
If you want to know which personal information we saved, just have a look at your account. There you can also remove your data. Or you can send us an email (, and we will remove it for you.

    We may collect the following categories of information for the purposes explained below.
  • Website activity: This is data about your browsing activity on the website. For example, which pages you visited and when, and what items you placed into your online shopping cart.
  • Device and browser information: This is technical information about the device or browser you use to access our website. For example, your device's IP address, cookie string data and (in the case of mobile devices) your device type and mobile device's unique identifier such as the Apple IDFA or Android Advertising ID.
  • Ad data: This is data about the online ads we have served (or attempted to serve) to you. It includes things like how many times an ad has been served to you, what page the ad appeared on, and whether you clicked on or otherwise interacted with the ad.
  • Data from Advertising Partners: This is data that we receive from other digital advertising companies that we work with (“Advertising Partners”) to help us deliver ads to you and recognize you across browsers and devices. This may include pseudonymous advertiser identifiers that some Advertisers or other third party ad platforms choose to share with us, such as your "Customer ID" with an Advertiser or an identifier associated with a hashed (not readable) version of your email address. We may work with these Advertising Partners to synchronize their unique, anonymous identifiers to our own to enhance data points about a particular unique browser or device.
  • We use this data to identify and serve ads to you that are more relevant to you. We also use this data to operate, improve and enhance our services including enhancing the data points we have about a particular user, browser, or device, or to target, optimize, cap, or synchronize advertising.

Wanderwall uses cookies, tracking pixels and related technologies to provide for advertisements. Cookies are small data files that are served by our platform and stored on your device. They enable us to identify your device when you move between different websites and applications, so that our advertising platform can serve targeted advertising to you.

  • We adhere to the European Interactive Advertising Digital Alliance (EDAA) guidelines for online advertising and you may opt out via their Your Online Choices website.